Family Owned & Operated Business

Angel’s Deli | Napa, CA

We are a family Owned and Operated Business. This is our 1st year in Business and our family has been in the food industry for over 27 years. We proudly use only the freshest and finest ingredients and only when they are in season and from local farmers in the Napa Valley.

We bake all of our rolls by hand and from scratch. They are the definition of home made! Another specialty we have is home made cookies, deserts and lots of unique treats we do right here at Angel’s Café and Deli!

Come by and check us out and say hello! We look forward to serving you!

Angel's Deli & Cafe
Angel's Deli & Cafe
Angel's Deli & Cafe
Angel's Deli & Cafe

The guy making the sandwich was super nice and got a roast beef with Swiss on a homemade roll.

Everything from fresh, homemade bread to the meats, fresh veggies and house pickled veggies were fantastic!!

The Dutch crunch roll was amazing and made for one of the best deli sandwiches I’ve had in Napa.

My girlfriend and I were looking for a cheap and quick place to eat. Could not be happier that we found this gem of a deli. As we walked in, the owner greeted us with a smile. He told us about how everything he made was home made which peaked our interest. We began ordering our sandwiches and Angel helped us every step of the way. Every step was explained and he let us sample each of his delicious home made aioli dressings before we made a final decision. After my girlfriend ordered her portabello sandwich and I ordered my roasted turkey sandwich with the chipotle aioli on home made Dutch crunch bread, our sandwiches were toasted in the oven. Finally we added our toppings of the usual sandwich fixings; lettuce, tomato, peppers and mushrooms, all of which coming from local farms. To top it off, we grabbed one of his home made chocolate chip cookies (which was delicious and big enough to share!) Angel was also generous enough to toss in a complimentary fruit cup. We could not be more appreciative of his generosity and care into his restaurant.

So how was the food? It was absolutely delicious. What made it was the Dutch crunch bread. The top crust cracked just enough to give it an amazingly unique texture between crunchy crust and slightly crisp veg and peppery roasted turkey. My girlfriend described the portabello sandwich as a meaty yet fresh mushroom texture that paired excellently with the chipotle aioli.

Try this place! You will not regret it

-Jon N.

Looking for an amazing sandwich?!? Come here!
My boyfriend and I were craving a good deli sandwich and found this spot on Yelp. It’s a super cute Mom+Pop deli where they make their own bread, aioli and peppers!

There were only a couple other people in line, so it moved quickly and the staff was very fast and efficient. We came at peak lunch hour too. They have homemade baked goods for dessert, such as muffins, cookies, etc.

Fun addition to this deli? They put all their sandwiches through an oven to make your cheese melty and meat warm! So your already amazing and delicious sandwich becomes even more delicious. Who doesn’t love a warm, toasted sandwich!?

Seriously, if you’re looking for a great deli sandwich, COME HERE! The sandwiches are huge too! I ate the second half later that night!

Can’t wait to come back!

-Milena R.

Take it from a girl who doesn’t love sandwiches – this place is legit. My mind was blown on how good a sandwich could be! The bread is fresh and home made and the deli meats – they are incredibly moist, flavorful and oh-so-yummy. I took a chance with the basil aioli which packed another layer of flavor on my sandwich and would definitely recommend. The chocolate chip cookie was tasty so if you want to to treat yo’ self, you should get one.

-Megan C.

Great sandwich , fresh homemade bread ! Lunch specials, real nice service with a smile lots of great options , small mom & Pops feel. Not a chain ! Complimentary Soup with Lunch order. Did I mention the bread yes it’s worth mentioning again!! FRESH!
A great find !

-Andre S.

Angel’s is my new favorite to-go lunch spot! The service is friendly and efficient, they freshly slice their homemade breads, whip up delicious house made aioli, and have a huge variety of toppings which are applied generously. Everything is fresh and of good quality. With outdoor seating, Angel’s is also a welcome addition to Pet-Friendly Napa!

-Jesslynn S.